Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Milton Hershey

John had to give a speech about an autobiography he read. We first helped him think of things he was interested in learning about. Then we told him some names of people that were known for that area of interest. Thank heaven for the Internet!! We were able to show him books, John is very visual, of the various people. It finally came down to me going to Barnes and Nobel and buying 3 different books. When he was able to see them in person he quickly made a decision. Milton Hershey. Since then John checks the label on EVERYTHING to see if it was made by the Hershey Company. After writing the report, he had to give an oral report. He did an awesome job! We were so proud of him! When he was typing his report he sat at the computer like this.

That is his "clothie" on his head. It gives him comfort. Whatever works! He also had to make a poster to be displayed in the hall at school. He did a great job!


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Anonymous said...

look at you still keeping up on your blog!! You better do even better in Texas!! Then I will really need to know what's going on!!!