Saturday, July 31, 2010

Things Kids Say

We had just finished lunch at Mike's and John got cold. He said, "I am so cold I just got the shi**ers". I tried to tell him the correct pronunciation of the word "shivers", but he insisted that he had said it correctly. Mark and I had a great laugh to ourselves.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alison's Friend Birthday Party

This year Alison wanted a Luau for her Birthday party. So we invited some of her friends from school over for a wonderful afternoon of fun! They swam, did the hula, played games and ate. We had tropical drinks with Flamingo straws, fruit and of course cupcakes and ice cream cones. The girls all had a great time and got along really well. They were such good friends at school. Alison is looking forward to the new school year to see her friends again.
The Hula Girl!

Kaydyn, Aviana, Quinn, Ella, Alison, Elizabeth

They swam while listening to Hanna Montana. Sometimes a girl just has to dance!

They played Hot Coconut! They also did the Limbo. I was holding the Limbo bar, so no pictures of that one.

Opening presents.

The cupcake tower!

Does she look happy or what!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

The 4th of July means Family, Friends, Food and Fun for our neighborhood! It started when Alison was born. A few neighbors have family over, BBQ and set off Washington fireworks. That means ones that go up in the sky! They are not legal here in Oregon. Then we all get to know each other better and we start adding to the group. This year there were about 60 people! So. Much. Fun! It starts with the kids parade. They decorate their mode of transportation and go around the block.

Alison and her scooter.

The whole gang!

Because Ryan was "too cool" to go in the parade, John was as well. So funny!
I must admit, they do look pretty cool.

When all of the parade participants got back we did a human pinata! The adults threw candy at the kids. There was a lot of candy, and it was fun to see the kids scramble for it. A few of us noticed that the kids were not picking up all of the candy. We asked them why. They told us that those were things they didn't like. Kids these days!

God bless America and potluck BBQ's! We had more food than you would know what to do with! Plus a 16 lb. smoked turkey, hot dogs, ribs, and 2 briskets! If you went home hungry, it was your own fault!

Happy Family
We all enjoyed $1200 worth of Fireworks! That's what happens when you get so many people pitching in. It was fabulous! Can you say, "4th of July with the Davis' next year"!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Alison Turns 6

Alison got to celebrate her birthday on multiple occasions this year. When all of the family was here for John's baptism we had a family party for her one night.

One of the Barbie's she has been wanting. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Thompson. She loves it!

A hug from Uncle Sean

Then on her real birthday, breakfast in bed!

She got a double stroller and twin baby dolls from Mark and I.

John gave her Barbie in a Mermaid Tale. She has fun taking that in the swimming pool and bathtub!

She chose Olive Garden for dinner. They don't sing anymore for people's birthdays!

Red Robin gives you a free meal on your birthday (if you sign up on the email). So on Monday we went there for dinner. At least they still sing to you and give you an ice cream! That is my kids favorite part of their birthday.