Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break

We just love our friends! The weather here in Oregon was not very "spring" like, but we still had fun. I had planed a few activities to get us all out of the house during the week. The first trip was to Pump It Up. It has several "blow ups" that the kids can jump, climb and slide on. So much fun! The next activity was to Little Scoops for our own play date. We had the place to ourselves for a whole hour! High School Musical, Hanna Montana and other favorites played for us to sing, dance, jump, throw balls and have a wonderful time to! Then off to build your own ice cream sundae! The kids loved choosing their toppings and favorite flavor. Then bowling. None of the kids had ever done it before! It was a real hoot to see them bowl! The boys got the hang of it pretty fast. The girls loved watching their balls finally hit the pins! And I do mean finally! I think the high schooler's in the next lane bowled two balls to the little girls one! The moms decided that we would not be taking the kids bowling again without the help of dad. Finally, Sunday dinner together to end the break. Everyone had a great time and was sad to go back to school. I mean the kids were sad to go back to school!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Easter was a lot of fun. On Saturday we went to Little Scoops for an Easter Party and egg hunt. It is a 5o's style ice cream parlor sized for kids! Alison was not too sure about the hunting part. Mark had to really encourage her to not just stand there and watch all the other kids find eggs! Luckily, every kid was guaranteed 10 eggs each. The kids had fun dancing, hunting, holding the rabbit, and getting their face painted. On Sunday morning, they woke up to find their baskets filled with goodies from the Easter Bunny. Then they got to go downstairs and hunt for eggs that the bunny left! Alison did not need prompting this time. She even had to share some of her stash with John!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

John was so excited to see the Lunar Eclipse! They had talked about it at school that day and he was anxious for the night to come. The kids had fun using binocoulars to look at the moon, and wanted to know if we could go out side every night to look at the moon.

Having Fun

Alison was having a play date with her best friend Ella. They decided to have a camp out and wanted to make smores. So I got a fire for them and gave them sticks, chocolate chips, marshmallows and graham crackers. They had a great time!

Kids Sayings

Here is the latest from the mouth of John:
"Mom can you really say no to a face that looks like this?"

On a real emotional day: "Just stop talking to me! I am tired of hearing your words come out of your mouth! You are like a giant whale that keeps squirting water out into the ocean!"

And for Alison playing make-believe with me: "You can be the honey, and I can be the adult."


My how time flies when you are having fun! February was a busy and fun month for our family. I have already posted Mark's birthday, so here is the rest of the month. It starts with Jennifer's 33rd birthday. Then at the request of my mother, who wanted to see what my friends look like, I have posted pictures of a going away party I had for my friend Sara who is moving to Burns, OR. I was the host of play group this month and we had an "Un-Birthday Party" and made Valentines and Fruit Loop jewelry. Then there is Valentines Day. I was the "Party Mom" who organized John's class party. It was a lot of fun! The kids decorated cookies and traded valentines and played "Pin the Nose on the Heart". John and Alison received a Build-A-Bear gift card from Mark and I for Valentines Day, so there are shots of them building and fluffing. We hope you enjoy the pictures!