Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dance Recital

Tonight was the kids dance recital. They have been going to Studio One for a year now. They really love it! John has been taking Break I. Alison was in a Ballet, Tap, Tumble Combo class. Alison was really excited for the recital. She loved her costume and loves to perform. John was very nervous. The rehearsal the night before was very helpful to help calm his nerves a bit. We were lucky to still have Grandma and Grandpa Davis and Jason still here. So they also got to watch the performance. When I get my DVD of the performance I will post their dances. Great job kids! We love watching you dance!

John with his teacher Brian. Brian also heads up a group of break dancers that perform at the Trail Blazer's games!


John, Jason, Alison.
*Side note- John is not hugging himself. That is how he does his "cool" pose.*

Happy Family

John, Grandpa, Grandma, Alison

John's formal picture

John's class' performance was called Robot Rock.

Alison's formal picture

Alison's class' performance was called Circus Ballerina.

Mt. Saint Helens and Shopping with the Grandparents

Mark, John and Jason went to Mt. Saint Helens on Saturday. They were blessed with a beautiful sunshine, 75 degree day! They had a great time going through the visitor's center and hiking.
This is a view of the mountain today.

A rock that was thrown during the eruption.
While the boys were at the mountain, Alison and I went with Grandma and Grandpa Davis shopping. They took her out to pick out her Birthday present. She was so excited!

Alison and Grandma having a picnic with her new stuffed animals. She also got a doll play pin and a few diapers for her dolls. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa. She loves her gifts!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fort Stevens and Astoria

The second day at the coast brought sunshine and an Alison that was feeling much better. So off to Fort Stevens we went! Fort Stevens was constructed during the Civil War and remained active until shortly after World War II. It is the only military installation in the continental United States to be fired on by a submarine. Shells were discharged from a Japanese submarine during World War II. There was no damage, and Fort Stevens did not return fire. It sits at the mouth of the Columbia River.
View of Fort Stevens

Everything at the Fort is hands on. You can go up the stairs, down ladders and into the buildings.

Grandma Davis, Alison, Jason, John, Mark

The family


After a few hours exploring Fort Stevens we went to have lunch in Astoria. Then it was off to the Astoria Column and other fun sites!
Grandpa, Grandma and Jason
Astoria is the first and oldest permanent United States settlement west of the Rockies. The Astoria Column is the final, crowning monument in a series of 12 historical markers erected in the early 1900's between St. Paul, Minnesota and Astoria, Oregon. These markers were meant to salute early explorers and settlers for their critical role in the United States' stretch to the Pacific Coast. The Astoria Column is made of concrete and has 164 stairs!

View of Astoria and the 4.1 mile Astoria-Megler Bridge to Washington. It is the longest continuous truss span in North America.

Alison and John
After concurring the Column it was time to see some movie sights! First up, Goonies!

How exciting!

Goonies House. Yes. someone actually lives there. So this is as far as we went.

We also saw the elementary school used in Kindergarten Cop. It was funny to see these places and talk about the movies. The kids haven't seen the movies and we said we could rent them when we got home. Then we started to remember the movies and realized that we can't let them see them because of language and themes. Oh well, maybe when they are older. Then we headed to the Oregon Film Museum. It is housed in the Old County Jail, another site that was used in Goonies. They had a lot of memorabilia and names of all of the films that have been filmed here in Oregon. Did you know that 300 movies have been filmed in Oregon!

The gang.

Jason with his souvenir t-shirt. They have a wall with different quotes from movies that have been filmed in Oregon. If you could name 10 different movies based off the quotes you won a prize! Jason did it! The fabulous prize was a toy coin like the ones in Goonies or a chocolate coin. He proudly took his toy coin to, I am sure, display in a beautiful frame in his new home.


After Astoria we headed back to Fort Stevens to see more of the coastline and the shipwreck.

View of the coast from an observation platform.

Ahoy mates! John, Mark, Alison and Jason
Jason and John exploring the shipwreck.

To finish our fun filled day we ate at the Pig'n Pancake in Seaside. We had never eaten there before. Think Denny's, only better.

Uncle Jason and Alison

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rockaway Beach

On Tuesday morning we said good-bye to the Thompson's. Then the rest of us headed to Mike's Drive-In for lunch. Can't pass up a Mike's Special Deluxe and Onion Rings! Yummy!
Then it was off to the coast for a few days. Poor Alison got the stomach flu that night. So she and I were up all night at the beach house. Mark, John, Jason, Grandpa and Grandma Davis had a nice day at the beach feeding squirrels, playing in the sand and relaxing. Alison and I caught up on much needed sleep.

This is how Alison and I spent our day at the Beach.

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Day in the Gorge

We all headed out for a day in the Oregon Gorge. First stop was Multnomah Falls.

Grandma and Grandpa Davis with his trusty scooter. He received so many compliments about his scooter during our adventures. Almost makes you want to break your own foot!

John and Grandma Davis enjoying the stream.

Then we headed to Lavender Valley Lavender Farm to see the beautiful sight of Lavender in bloom! And oh the wonderful smell!

Our Flower Girl
View of Mt. Hood. Because of Oregon's extended cold, wet spring this year, the majority of the lavender was not in bloom yet. It is such a beautiful sight to see.


After the Lavender Farm we crossed the bridge into Washington. The first hike we did was to the Ice Cave. It is fun to go exploring in as long as you have good traction shoes (something everyone who visits the cave finds out!), a warm winter coat and gloves. Ice stalactites and stalagmites form from water that drips all winter long. It renews itself each year.

I couldn't take this picture fast enough for John. He wanted to show Grandpa Davis what he was missing and then eat it!
Mark wanted to show his dad what he was missing.

Ice Princess

After the Ice Cave we headed over to the Natural Bridges. Lava formed natural bridges as it flowed through this area millions of years ago. We had fun walking around, taking pictures and being silly.

Standing atop a natural bridge.
The Few. The Proud. The Un-Brave.
Actually, Michelle did go hiking with us. She just got in the car when we got back.

More Gorge Pictures

I finally got all the pictures from other people's cameras. Here are a few I could not pass up sharing with everyone!
Mark coming down into the cave. This picture shows just how slippery it really is!

Michelle, Nicole, Jason

Grandpa Thompson

Mark and Nicole
John in the Ice Cave

Michelle, Jennifer, Nicole

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

This year we were blessed to have all of our Father's and special men in our lives here with us! We had a great dinner and enjoyed each other's company. We love you all very much!

Alison with Grandpa Davis and the card she made him.

Alison with Grandpa Thompson and his card.

Uncle Jason and John.

Alison and Mark. She painted that bear in school and wrapped it up for him. It is so nice to have teachers that think about the children's mothers and fathers.

Mark and John