Friday, May 28, 2010

Kiwanis Terrific Kid

Each month the local Kiwanis club honors two students in each class at the assembly for demonstrating a positive attitude, good character, and responsible citizenship. Each teacher chooses who it will be from their class. It was John's turn!

Walking up to receive his award.

So proud!

We love you John! Great job!

Singing and Dancing

The Kindergartner's and their 5th Grade Buddies performed 2 square dances at the school assembly today.

Look at that attitude.

Swing your partner.

Go under the bridge.

Jump and have fun.

Love those pig tails.

Alison and her 5th Grade Buddy, Devyn

Then the Kindergartners sang 2 songs for everyone.

There were some special visitors at the assembly today. Three senior citizens from a local retirement home came to see all of the fun. The gentleman is 106! Mark and I had a lot of fun watching Alison perform. Great job sweetheart! We love you!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pack Meeting

We had our first Pack Meeting tonight.

They taught us a song.

John received his Bobcat.

The parents received their Bobcat pin.

Then the parents painted the boys faces. Each color and line represented something like honor, courage, etc.

Don't they look cute, I mean cool.

Den yell.

John also received his Pine Wood Derby badge.

Having now sewn badges onto a shirt, I must say a few things:
1. I can sew badges on a shirt!
2. Don't look to close at said badges.
3. Thank heaven for invisible thread! Think fishing wire, it's the best!
4. Trick; first attach badge with fabric glue. Makes sewing it on easier.
5. Obviously men designed all these badges. Because if a woman had designed them (cause we are the ones that sew them on) they would have all been square or rectangle. I mean seriously! Have you ever tried to sew a on circle badge? Remember it has a bumpy edge!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kindergarten Zoo Trip

I got to be one of the chaperons for Alison's Field Trip to the Zoo. We lucked out and had a beautiful sunny, 78 degree day! I had 4 kids in my group. They were all well mannered and we had fun seeing the animals.

From top left: Blaise, Ella, Alison, Jackson

One of the boys saw me putting my sunglasses back on as we were leaving the Penguin building. He said, "You are really pretty. You should leave your glasses off." So sweet!

Dinosaur Science Fair

The second graders have been learning about Dinosaurs. In class
they did research and wrote about one of their choice. John chose Deinonychus which means "terrible claw". They had to make a visual aid at home for the Science Fair. For one hour they were in the cafeteria and all the other grades came in to look at their projects. Each student had a comment sheet for people to say something to them. John felt very proud because his sheet was filled front and back and even in the margins!

John could not decide between two different projects. So he made both! A fossil of Deinonychus' claw and a diorama of a pack of Deinonychus eating. They hunted in packs you know.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was very special this year. I love that the kids can write now and make me such wonderful cards! I received many compliments like: my mom is good at making macaroni and cheese and cookies; my mom has pretty hair; thank you for making me happy; thank you for taking care of me; you are as pretty as a princess; you are smart, you know how to do pluses (addition)!

John made me this beautiful clay pot. It proudly sits on my bathroom counter and holds my ring at night.

Alison made me hand prints and lovely cards.
Mark took us to Olive Garden for dinner. I am so thankful for these wonderful spirits I have the opportunity to raise here on this earth. I am glad to be their mother. I am also thankful for a wonderful, loving husband.